Mach 1 Lighting is a leader in high lumen, low power consumption LED lighting fixtures and retrofit modules for the replacement of fluorescent and metal halide fixtures saving from 50-70% of the energy consumed by conventional lighting technologies. Headquartered in Ira Twp, Michigan the company develops innovative lighting products in its own design and manufacturing center. Mach 1’s Michigan facility is home to the research and development, design, quality, and manufacturing activities associated with its proprietary LED and other advanced lighting technologies. The company maintains a staff of highly skilled mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical, and reliability engineers working closely with industrial designers, lab technicians, and manufacturing personnel to accelerate the development and commercialization of relevant industry-leading LED solutions. Mach 1 Lighting prides itself on utilizing North American manufactured products whenever possible in the design of its fixtures.

About MACH 1 Lighting

"Mach 1 Lighting is driven to lead the way in the most energy efficient, highest lumen output LED fixture's on the planet. Consistently upgrading to the most current LED technology available to the ever-changing market".
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